We are excited about your interest in our local church family.  First United Pentecostal Church provides ministry connections for every part of the family to become involved in. Feel free to contact our leaders concerning each of our ministries.  You have a place with us here at First United Pentecostal Church.

Student Ministry

The Student Ministry is facilitated by a team of volunteers who create a loving and encouraging atmosphere, while meeting the needs of young people with weekly services that appeal to them. The young people are also involved in a wide variety of exciting activities that provide them with safe and healthy interaction. Contact Landry and Christina Pugh for more information on becoming involved with our church student ministry.

 Golden Heirs

This ministry is made up of the senior members of our church, and is very active in fellowship, food, and fun. This special group of individuals provides an umbrella of protection over all our children with their prayer. Contact Donald & Robin Ruppanner for more information on becoming involved with our Golden Heirs.

Hospital Ministry

When individuals are admitted into the hospital, those involved in this ministry provide encouragement and prayer to them and their loved ones. Contact Pastor Terry Pugh for more information on becoming involved with our hospital ministry.


These friendly ladies meet every individual with a warm, friendly smile upon entering the church building. The hostess assist our guest throughout our worship services with a number of resources and serve to connect each of our visitors to our church leadership. Contact Rosa Estopellan for more information on becoming involved with our hostess ministry.

Ladies Ministry

Our ladies lead a key role in providing delightful events and encouraging aid to our church family for different occasions including wedding and baby showers, as well as funerals. Contact Elaine Gray for more information on becoming involved with our ladies ministry.

Marriage Ministry

With all the stresses that part of building and maintaining a home and family, couples can become trapped in a seemingly endless cycle.  This ministry provides an environment where couples can enjoy the fellowship of other adults who face similar challenges.  Contact Edward & Diana Guerrero for more information on becoming involved with our marriage ministry.


Praise and Worship is a key aspect of our worship services for effective planting of God’s Word through each message.  Our Praise Singers and musicians lead our church family into worship in each of our services through a variety of congregational songs, special solos, and choir sections.  Contact Pamela Pugh for more information on becoming involved with our music ministry.


The purpose of our church prayer ministry is to encourage our church to remain focused on prayer.  Those involved in this ministry help promote our weekly prayer meetings, organize events where prayer is emphasized, as well as other prayer events.  Contact Kathleen Tippy for more information on becoming involved with our prayer ministry.

Sunday School

Training and developing both children and adults must always be a top priority of our church family.  The Sunday School ministry of our church is an effective way to teach our children from toddlers to high school students through a variety of teaching methods and mediums, inspiring our children to learn sound, biblical principles.  Additionally, Sunday School provides active discipleship and training to both those desiring to enter a covenant relationship with Jesus Christ, and also those that desire to be involved in leadership throughout our church ministries.  In this, we are able to connect each individual of every age who steps through our church doors to a ministry in our church designed specifically for them. Contact Lisa Enriquez for more information on becoming involved Sunday School.

SOUL Patrol

This ministry, under the direction of the Sunday School ministry, focuses on children in elementary grades 1-6 and provides a service each Wednesday evening designed for them concurrent to our adult Bible study.  ContactLisa Enriquez for more information on becoming involved with SOUL Patrol.


Our services are more efficient in impacting both visitors and members of our church as result of our usher ministry. These men stand ready to assist any and every individual which may need assistance throughout our worship services.  Contact our church office for more information on becoming involved with our usher ministry.

Contact Us

Not finding the particular ministry you’re interested in? Contact us with your inquiry and we will do our best to guide you to the most appropriate ministry of our church you may be searching for.